Jim & Lynna Woolsey – The Fall, on CD and in print

It’s not uncommon for artists to create recorded projects that have an autobiographical nature, or songs about faith and conversion. But Jim & Lynna Woolsey have created something unique with their upcoming album, The Fall, expected soon on Bell Buckle Records.

They have recorded a full album of songs, and written a book, about their lives together, their abiding love for one another, and the story of the deep Christian faith which they share together. The music and the book share the same title, about falling for each other, and for a loving God.

In fact the book makes clear that the Woolsey are using Fall with a double meaning; first as we normally use it, as in falling in love, but secondly for its initials, a la Falling into Absolute Loving Light.

Surprisingly, for a pair of lifelong songwriters, it was the book that came first. Lynna has long dreamed of writing a faith-based Christian novel based on stories from she and Jim’s lives. So they began by compiling memories and photos from the time they met while Jim was playing with The Patoka Valley Boys in the late ’70s, through their lives as a couple, raising children, facing health crises… and coming to faith.

It makes for a compelling story, told in an unorthodox way. Basically, the book is a set of remembrances, told in alternating chapters by Jim and Lynna separately. Once they had their individual memories recorded, they brought in our own David Morris to help them put it into book form. It reads very much like the sort of testimony you hear given informally in independent churches, and even includes a section of testimonials from a number of people who have been important in their lives. These are uplifting stories, many from people familiar to the bluegrass world like fellow songwriter Rick Lang, and reso-guitar icon Phil Leadbetter.

The Fall, print edition, is available now either directly from the Woolseys online or from Amazon, where there is also a Kindle edition.

The CD, which features Gospel songs written about many of the events discussed in the book, is set to follow in the spring. A debut single, Calling Out Your Name, is set for wide release on February 26.

A music video from the track offers a taste of the album in this personal song of thanksgiving and faith. It finds Jim and Lynna on guitars and vocals, supported by Mike Sumner on banjo, Glen Crain on reso-guitar, David Foster on bass, and Tim Crouch on fiddle and mandolin. 

Calling Out Your Name is available now to radio programmers via AirPlay Direct. Look for the single wherever you stream or download music online on February 26.

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