Jesus The Refugee video from Kevin Slick

Kevin Slick is an artist, writer, and bluegrass musician in Boulder, CO who also serves as the current President of the Colorado Bluegrass Society. In the furtherance of those duties he has often contributed news and photos here at Bluegrass Today from the Denver/Boulder bluegrass scene. He also performs with several bands in his part of the country, and records and releases his own original music as well, often of the contemporary protest variety.

In fact he has a new single due to hit this Thursday (August 13) called Jesus The Refugee. It follows the very early life of the Savior, as recorded in the Gospel of Matthew, as his parents escape into Egypt with the infant to escape the wrath of King Herod who seeks his annihilation. From there Kevin ties this flight from Bethlehem at the angel’s command to the plight of today’s migrant peoples, a somewhat controversial analogy among orthodox Christian believers, but fairly common in more progressive circles.

See how it strikes you in this music video he has created.

Jesus The Refugee will be available on August 13 wherever you stream or download music online. Radio programmers can get the track now via AirPlay Direct.

You can learn more about Slick, his music and his art, by visiting his web site.

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