Introducing Glider – The Rolling Capo

Greg Bennett with Fine Musical Products in Nashville has introduced a new capo designed to roll easily along the neck for simple key changes – even while playing.

Called Glider, this device will store behind the nut like most bluegrass guitarists prefer and can move quickly between frets using its roller mechanism on the back. Held in place by a pair of springs, Greg says that a minimal amount of pressure with your left thumb is enough to push the capo wherever you need it to be. It can also be re-situated using your picking hand.

Glider can be removed from the neck with a simple open tab, and its low mass shouldn’t alter the tone of your instrument.

Bennett created this video to demonstrate his new capo in action.

The guitar in the demo looks to be using light gauge strings with low action, so it’s unsure how well Glider would do with the sort of set up grassers like, especially with tuning distortion, but at $24.95, there’s not much cost associated with giving it a try.

It may be a bit ungainly on banjo, but I can’t see why it wouldn’t work.

The Glider is available for sale online with free shipping within the continental US. They are currently offering a special where you get 2 for $44.95, so you can buddy up and save a few bucks.

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