IBMA Webinar: Making the Most of Your Next Interview

On December 6, IBMA will host “Making the Most of Your Next Interview,” a webinar for artists and broadcasters. Award-wining hosts Katy Daley (WAMU’s Bluegrass Country) and Cindy Baucom (Knee-Deep in Bluegrass) will tackle some of the issues facing both sides of the interview equation.

First time co-host Cindy Baucom is looking forward to using modern technology to educate people on the subject.

“I think young artists and new broadcasters can equally benefit, as well as more seasoned artists and broadcasters who just haven’t had a lot of opportunity to participate in interviews.”

According to Baucom the biggest mistake an artist or interviewer can make is coming to an interview without being prepared. She gave us some pre-webinar advice.

“As an artist, know your story and know it well. And learn to express your answers in sound bites; that is, don’t beat around the bush getting to your answer. You can answer by giving some interesting background leading up to your point, but do not take a ton of time getting to your point.”

She has advice for interviewers as well.

“If I could have sat down with Bill Mornoe as a more experienced interviewer, I would have known that if you ask Mr. Monroe a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question, you will be getting a yes or no answer! An interview like that doesn’t flow very well. But it was a great learning experience for me and I treasure the fact I had a chance to talk with the Father of Bluegrass.”

Those interested can register now by calling 615-256-3222. The fee is $40 for IBMA members or $50 for non-members.

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