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Ann Edmondson of N.C. Pork Council, William Lewis of PineCone: Piedmont Council of Traditional Music, Deborah Johnson of N.C. Pork Council, Cindy Baucom (Vice-Chairperson) of IBMA Board, Elizabeth Wightman (Treasurer) of IBMA Board, Nancy Cardwell of IBMA and Jon Weisberger (Chairperson) of IBMA Board.One of the fun supplements to the World of Bluegrass events this year in Raleigh, NC was having the North Carolina Pork Council’s Whole Hog Barbecue championship held during the weekend’s Wide Open Bluegrass festival. The aroma of pig on the spit filled the air all of that Friday night and, along with the assembled masses, our Bluegrass Today crew gobbled down some mighty tasty pork sandwiches the next day.

It looks like the Pork Council really felt the love from the estimated 140,000 that came downtown for the festivities that weekend, as they made a donation yesterday of $10,000 to the IBMA.

Deborah Johnson, CEO of the Pork Council said that…

 “Our donation to the IBMA was offered in the spirit of thanks and a reward for the group’s decision to bring its annual meeting and celebration to North Carolina, home of the nation’s best pork barbecue.

We were very pleased that our state championship added to the excitement and success of the IBMA’s bluegrass festival. The donation helps preserve the bluegrass tradition and is an investment we are proud to make.”

IBMA’s Executive Director Nancy Cardwell was in Raleigh to accept the donation yesterday, along with a number of Board members, and expressed appreciation on behalf of the organization.

“Our experience in Raleigh was spectacular and we are grateful to all the organizations and individuals who supported us so well. The pork barbecue cooking championship was a valuable addition, and the generous donation from the state’s pork industry will be put to good use by our organization.”

It is an open secret that the city of Raleigh is very eager to keep World of Bluegrass in perpetuity, and this sort of support really drives the point home.

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