IBMA Facebook page hacked

IBMAThe official Facebook page of the International Bluegrass Music Association has been maliciously hacked. Someone commandeered the account on Sunday and has removed administrator access for the IBMA staff. In short, the organization is now unable to manage the account, and until they can resolve this issue with Facebook, they have no control over what is posted under their name.

With over 50,000 Likes for their page, a great many people are likely to see inappropriate content posted. Fortunately, what has been shared under this account since it was hacked has not been profane or offensive, but it is still distressing and embarrassing for the IBMA and its members.

Executive Director Paul Schiminger says they are working as fast as they can to get this resolved.

“We have been filing numerous reports with Facebook, and we are also asking anyone seeing these inappropriate posts to do the following to help us:

For every hacker post, click the arrow at the top right. Then click to report the post or that you do not like the post. Click that it is spam. Click that you think the IBMA’s page has been hacked. Finally, click to report this information anonymously to Facebook.

Hopefully the volume of reports will move Facebook to take action to remove the hacker and reinstate us as administrators. We have been working tirelessly since last evening, and we appreciate everyone’s understanding and patience.”

Please help them by taking the action described above if you encounter any Facebook posting under the IBMA name that is not bluegrass-related.

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