I Want To Know You – new from Sweet Potato Pie

Sweet Potato Pie is offering a sweet treat for your ears and your heart to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I Want to Know You, an original gospel number, dropped for the North Carolina-based band on Valentine’s Day with a sneak peak from their forthcoming all-gospel album. 

This beautiful song is penned by Crystal Richardson, banjo player and vocalist for the band, who shares, “It’s all about God’s many attributes, the greatest of which is HIS love. This is more than a song. It’s a prayer from a new believer asking God to help us to get to know Him – To see Him working in our lives and to live the life that He has called us to, because it’s already HIS anyway!”

With all the great material from their new album, this is the song that the band selected to introduce their upcoming project to the world. I Want to Know You is upbeat, it’s personal, and it puts the listener into a peaceful state to worship and reflect on our relationship with God.

Sweet Potato Pie, performing for 24 years, teamed up with Kevin Richardson and Bonfire Recording Company in Piedmont, SC to record their second all-gospel album. In a true labor of love, the band feels Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to release the project’s first single. The members acknowledge God’s influence in every aspect of this recording, from the performers to the writing to the arrangements.

Kevin Richardson, guitarist/vocalist and Crystal’s husband, stresses, “I believe there is a reason that I have never been on an all-gospel album until now. These songs have been written and waiting for the right time, the right people, and the right opportunity. I am honored to be part of this project, and grateful that we waited for His time.”

Sonya Stead, band founder, states, “We are HIS, everything that has been and will be is HIS. We invite you to listen and let your heart be filled with joy and peace.”

Sweet Potato Pie shared the following scripture:

“Everything belongs to the Lord your God.”  Deuteronomy 10: 14

A special treat for this writer: Crystal Richardson was one of my most outstanding banjo students in the early 1980s. She was also a student in my fifth grade classroom in Asheboro, NC. I am so proud that she is sharing her God-given talent with the bluegrass world.

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Sandy Chrisco Hatley is a free lance writer for several NC newspapers and Bluegrass Unlimited magazine. As a teenager, she picked banjo with an all girl band called the Happy Hollow String Band. Today, she plays dobro with her husband's band, the Hatley Family.