How big is your banjo?

11 foot banjoWho’s got the biggest banjo? That’s not something you see being hashed out by banjo players around the world. Volume sure, but not size.

Keith Herendon however, decided that bigger was better when it came to banjos. So he built an 11 foot banjo. Not one you would play. It’s a piece of artwork that now stands outside the Holiday Inn Express and Suites Opryland on McGavock Pike in Nashville, TN.

The body of the banjo is made from three different metal cutout circles welded together, Herendon said. The neck is about seven feet long, six inches wide and three inches high and made from bar channel.

The stand for the banjo is made out of tubing, mounted down with four anchors and welded to the stand.

You can read the full story in today’s Tennessean.