Gold Heart in Europe 2015

Gold Heart is taking their family-style bluegrass to central Europe this month, visiting Austria and Germany on their travels. They have promised to send along a few reports as they go. This one comes from guitarist and middle sister Jocey Gold.

Gold Heart performing in Germany during their 2015 European tourIt’s always a highlight to present bluegrass music in the schools. We were delighted to share our music with students who had never even heard of bluegrass. Seeing their faces light up when we kicked off a song made our hearts happy.

We hosted a workshop for over 150 students in Germany and we throughly enjoyed it. They were so well behaved, interested and kind. It was wonderful to go into a school and see children actually want to learn something new. The vast majority had never seen nor heard of a banjo or mandolin, but they loved it and were anxious to learn.

They asked an array of interesting questions such as, “What’s it like traveling with your family?” “Do you yodel?” and “Do you have any pets at home?”

For supper, we enjoyed a scrumptious meal that was traditional and special to that region. I enjoyed a delicious plate of sauerbraten and potatoes. Yum!

Later that evening, we were featured on a local radio program and did a late night interview for the station. Although we were well past the stage of being tired, we were happy to perform a couple of live a cappella songs for radio listeners. It was a big honor and the guys at the station do such a great job!

We had a fabulous time and we hope to have inspired some of the youth in Germany.