Gold Heart in Austria

Gold Heart is taking their family-style bluegrass to central Europe this month, visiting Austria and Germany on their travels. They have promised to send along a few reports as they go. This one comes from mandolinist and eldest sister Tori Gold.

Gold Heart in Austria on their 2015 European TourWe gave a morning concert for the students in Amberg, Germany. A handful of the students joined us on stage to sing Amazing Grace. What a beautiful sound that was. It was very special and we had tons of fun.

After the concert, we drove straight to Völs, Austria, with not much time to spare! It was such a fun night. The crowd loved our music and were kind enough to give us three standing ovations. At the end of the show, the promoter presented each member of our family with a beautiful hot pepper plant.

Our hotel was built on the side of a mountain and the view was incredible, both day and night! We could see the ski jump from the 1964 and 1976 Winter Olympic Games from our balcony.

The next morning we hosted a workshop for a school in Innsbruck. These students too enjoyed their first taste of bluegrass music. They were really interested and enthusiastic.

After a scenic drive back to Germany, we were treated to a very appetizing meal of traditionally made Käsespätzle. We ate to our hearts content and still had left-overs. Following supper, we were surprised with a very interesting Man of the Night Watch Tour, where we explored the old walled city of Kaufbeuren, Germany. Our guide was dressed in traditional Medieval clothes and he lead us through a three hour walking tour. The tour featured many of the towns highlights, including the ancient city wall and night watch tower. It was the best!

We had a non-stop, fun packed day!