Gold Heart back in Germany

Gold Heart is taking their family-style bluegrass to central Europe this month, visiting Austria and Germany on their travels. They have promised to send along a few reports as they go. This one is a double entry, coming from guitarist and middle sister Jocey Gold, and brother and banjo player, Kai Gold.

Gold Heart visits Neuschwanstein castle in GermanyWe have seen many castles during our European Tour and today we had enough time to fit in two. Both Neuschwanstein and Houenshungou castles were majestic and exquisite. The castle in the Disney Movie Cinderella was inspired by Neuschwanstein. In our song, Ain’t That Crazy, there is a line that says, “I was a princess in a castle” and on this tour, my sisters and I had a little fun playing make-believe once again!

The grand finale of our 2015 European Tour was in Kaufbeuren, Germany. What a fun filled week and a half we’ve had sharing our music with bluegrass fans in Europe! A huge thank you to Frank, all of our kind and supportive hosts, the radio stations, fans and friends for making this tour so memorable and exhilarating. Everyone was wonderful and made us feel right at home.

Europe was incredible and we are excited to be returning in the near future.

Comments from Kai… 

Kai Gold with Gold Heart on their 2015 European tourIt was really cool getting to Frankfurt, Germany and seeing how the culture changed so much. When we got on the Autobahn, mom freaked out when three or four cars flew by going over a 100 miles an hour. They looked like rockets. Every other car was either a BMW, Audi, or Mercedes Benz.

We drove to Heidelberg and checked into our hotel, then we got something to eat. I didn’t know it, but Germans can make some really good pizza.

My favorite show that we played was the last night in Germany. I guess it was so much fun because all five of us played through just one condenser mic. When it came time for one of us to take a break, everyone had to hurry and move over to let that person play. There was a lot of movement on stage and we had a ton of energy.

Gold Heart in Germany on their 2015 European tourI think it’s so cool that I’m only 13 and have already been on my first European tour. 🙂

It’s pretty awesome!