Goin’ Across The Mountain Live Volume 2

Support WNCWWe just received a note from Dennis Jones of WNCW, letting us know about their latest efforts in fundraising for the station. They are holding their spring pledge drive this week. With the recently increased royalties for internet broadcasters, supporting the stations you listen to has become more important than ever.

…it’s very important to support those stations that play Bluegrass music at this time. Seeing that they stay healthy and financially stable will help Bluegrass remain alive and growing. It’s critical to let Program Directors, Development Directors and General Managers know that we will support the music we love and will do so even more if given the programming we seek.

For this year’s fundraiser, WNCW will be offering as a thank you gift, to those who pledge support, a copy of the new CD Goin’ Across The Mountain Live Volume 2. The disc features 16 tracks from regional and nationally touring bluegrass artists, including Wildfire, Bryan and Jerry Sutton, The Gibson Brothers, Jesse McReynolds and Charles Whitstein, Nothin’ Fancy, The Kruger Brothers, Mike Compton & David Long, BlueRidge, Whitewater Bluegrass Company, Andy Thorn and Friends, The High Windy Band, Town Mountain, Jussi Syren & The Groundbreakers, Mark Johnson & Emory Lester, New Road, and Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike featuring Becky Buller.

Dennis tells us the disc was a lot of fun in the making. Recorded at the station’s Studio B, the CD is a mixture of traditional, contemporary, and bluegrass gospel, with an old timey tune on the clawhammer banjo thrown in as well.

Dennis wished to express appreciation to all the artists who donated their songs and time to the project in support of the station. He also has a word for the fans out there.

And….if you are in the Spindale area [in North Carolina], stop in on Saturday the 31st and answer some phones, say howdy….have some pie and coffee…or at your own local Public Station, do the same thing. The main goal is to make Bluegrass a strong programming option to those who make the decisions about what goes on air. And remember, as a wise man once said…"Bluegrass Rules!"