German Bluegrass Music Association

The public announcement of the GBMA (Foto: Werner Friedli)As the popularity of bluegrass music continues to grow around the world, a new bluegrass association has taken shape in Germany.

The German Bluegrass Music Association (GBMA) was publicly launched during the 8th International Bluegrass Festival in Bühl -Baden, on May 15th. The inaugural board consists of  five members: Friedrich Hog (chairman), Uli Grube (vice chairperson), Eberhard Finke, Volker Fisher, Walter Fuchs, and Michael Zumstein. Said board will hold their first official meeting during the 2nd Munich Bluegrass Festival, July 9-11.

Upon announcement of the new association, 50 members were immediately added to the association’s roster.

Every organization must have a purpose, and the GBMA is no different. Here’s an English translation of their mission statement.

The purpose of the association is the cultural advancement of the Blue Grass Music in Germany in particular by means of information, lectures, panel discussions, workshops, concerts and events of any kind, and grants to start up bluegrass musicians and organizers.

The organizers say that their primary purpose is to give the German bluegrass scene a focal point, and a unified organization to represent the interests of the industry in that country. To such ends, they intend to work closely with both the EBMA and the IBMA. The board members are working hard to get the organization off the ground, and promise more details in the coming months as plans and ideas begin to take shape.

Considering the short history (literally days!) of the organization, their website is already very serviceable and useful for German bluegrass fans. It includes a listing of music teachers and learning resources, concert dates in Germany, and a page (yet to be populated) dedicated to listing German bluegrass bands.

If you are a bluegrass fan in Germany, or intend to be visiting the country, you’ll want to check out the GBMA.