Gena Britt hobbles home from Asheville

Gena BrittThe 2016 edition of Bluegrass First Class was held this past weekend at the Crowne Plaza resort in Asheville, NC. Everyone seemed to have a fine time enjoying the music and the lovely surroundings, with the possible exception of one banjo player.

Gena Britt had finished her set with Grasstowne on Saturday afternoon and took a fall heading back to the hotel. The result, a broken ankle and a good bit of discomfort.

“I was walking up to the hotel with my girls and slipped off the side of the sidewalk onto some soft ground. My ankle gave out and I heard it pop. I went to the hospital in Asheville by ambulance. I’m home but I have to follow up with an orthopedic doctor.

My friends and my daughters have been amazing taking care of me.”

The ER doctor told Gena that she had suffered an avulsion fracture, which is where a piece of bone attached to a tendon or ligament breaks away from the main bone.

Fortunately, these typically heal well with rest and by keeping pressure off the joint, never convenient for a busy single mom.

Gena asked that anyone so inclined would please pray for a quick recovery, as she is experiencing a lot of pain.

Get well soon, Gena!

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