Galaxy Audio celebrates 40 years

Congratulations to our friends at Galaxy Audio, who are celebrating 40 years as a family-owned business in 2017. They proudly wear their moniker as the Personal Monitor Experts, since developing the Hot Spot in the late 1970s changed the way performers think about stage monitoring.

The Hot Spot was a small, mic-stand-mounted monitor designed to help get the speakers closer to the performers’ ears, at a time when high stage volume made hearing floor monitors difficult without generating substantial feedback. The very earliest models were able to blast out at high volume, but without the high audio fidelity artists, especially singers, preferred from their stage monitors. Over the years, Galaxy has refined the design and capacity of these speaker systems, dramatically improving audio fidelity, and offering both larger and much smaller enclosures that continue to dominate this market.

Bluegrass and acoustic artists were early adopters of the Hot Spot monitors, and Galaxy keeps the needs of our music in mind with many of their new designs and innovations. Since the advent of in-ear monitoring and wireless technology, the company has moved in that direction and now offers a full line of wireless microphones, headset microphones, personal monitors, and wireless speakers used by a number of bluegrass acts like Hammertowne and Branded Bluegrass.

Galaxy was founded in 1977 by Brock Jabara, who still runs in it Wichita, KS. His sons, Jule and Bacheus, now assist in the operation of the company which is poised to continue on as an American audio firm for some time to come. Their goal of achieving miniaturization without sacrificing sound quality or durability remains the focus, along with bringing new innovations to the industry for stage use, permanent audio installations, DJs, and churches.

Their complete catalog of audio solutions can be viewed online, along with information about dealers who carry their products around the world.

Well done, Galaxy. Here’s to another 40 years!

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