G7 introduces the Performance 3 capo

The G7 Capo company is introducing a new model at the Winter NAMM show this week in Anaheim, CA. Their new Performance 3 model is of the quick change, open-throat style that many guitarists prefer.

When G7 first hit the market at the IBMA convention in 2016, it was with their Heritage model, styled in the fashion that most bluegrass players prefer. Sometime described generically as a “McKinney-style” device, theirs featured a number of innovations that appealed immediately to attendees, and they sold every single capo they had brought over from their manufacturing facility in England.

But the Performance 3 is a squeeze and move capo that requires only one hand to adjust, with no thumbscrew to turn, or bar to snap into place. Players that want fast and easy capo changes should find this one very much to their liking.

It includes one of the primary innovations G7 has introduced, which they call Adaptive Radius Technology. The material used where it contacts the fingerboard assumes the actual shape of your instrument, and is able to exert even pressure on all the strings equally.

With the release of the Performance 3, G7 now has models in most all the styles being made for guitarists and banjo players in the acoustic music world. You can see them all on the G7 web site.

All of their capos are sold with a lifetime warranty and are offered in a variety of colors and plating options.

The Performance 3 capo sells for $54.95 in silver or black, and $64.95 in gold. It is currently only available for guitar.

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