Fuel and Festival Attendance

Will rising fuel prices keep you home this summer?In mid April we ran a poll asking our readers if they anticipated attending fewer festivals this season due to rising fuel prices. We had just over 500 readers participate in that poll with 58% saying that they would attend few festivals and 42% saying fuel costs would have no negative impact on their attendance this year.

Now that we’re in the middle of the festival season we thought it would informative to run that poll again, asking if you are, in fact, attending fewer bluegrass events this season.


  • Over the last two weekends I attended to regional festivals in western Pennsylvania. Both were well attended, with more weekend campers than ever. I am referring to the Mountain Vista and The Laurel Highlands festival. It appears that these regional events, who’s audience, for the most part, travels 100 miles or less will do just fine this year. It remains to be seen if the “destination” events who must draw from a larger area will do as well. I would be curious to here from someone who attends the Summersville WV festival this weekend.

    (Please forgive the post on the B, it just sent it self, as I was typing)