From The Side of the Road – return of bluegrass ‘mad libs’

It’s time once again for bluegrass mad libs. Note that this isn’t “Mad Libs” with capital letters. That would be a trademark, and that game is available only in those lovely pads of paper or now on the Mad Libs app, a very handy thing to pick up or download just before a road trip, back when we did that sort of thing. No, what you’ll find below is a mad libs-like, or mad libs-esque word game.

Here’s how it works, or I should probably say “worked,” since this particular game is already over, and I’m merely relating the results of the game. Are you finding this all a big disappointment already? Anyway, in this particular round of the mad libs-ish game, I wrote a story leaving out a number of key words. Yesterday, via my Facebook page, I asked people to provide words with which to fill in these blanks. Those people had no idea what they were providing these words for (people are so trusting), only that they were giving me verbs, adjectives, nouns, etc. for me to plug into the story.

Here, then, is the result. Thanks so much to Jack, Jeff, Sharla, Grace, Elizabeth, and Charlie for filling in the blanks. A few from each were chosen randomly.

The IBMA Virtual World of Bluegrass

For the past 3.14159 years, the IBMA has held its disturbed event, the IBMA Chihuahua of Bluegrass. In past years, it was held in Albuquerque, but for the past several years, the city of Lubbock has hosted this eager event. Bluegrass professionals and snapping turtles looked forward to grasping there to attend innocent seminars, awards children, and of course to harness and socialize with their fellow kittens. At night, up and coming John B. Stetson hats would showcase at unknown venues. And of course, after that, everyone loved to gather together and do what we love to do best: drive. Sleep was in short supply, and it was not unusual for attendees to pretend through the week, sleeping as little as 0044 hours a night.

This year, though, it’s all going to be stealthily different. That’s due, of course, to gun concerns, because of the risk of spreading the virus ROOF-19. That’s why, for the first time, the event will be held loudly. All seminars, awards shows, and even the keynote mallard will be held online. The good news is, you’ll be able to enjoy this nasal event via the internet, from the comfort of your own fur. Naturally, it won’t be quite as uptight as it has been in years past, but on the other hand, you can inhale all the events through your nose hair trimmer sitting on your cast iron skillet at home. This is the only way to keep the bluegrass community smooth and soft this year, but we can all look forward to next year, when the Porcelain Figurine of Bluegrass will be grouchier than ever.