From The Side of the Road… Beatles bluegrass mashups

Occasionally in this column we’ve decided to do song title mashups, blending some of our bluegrass standards with titles of other well-known songs. When we did this with ’70s and ’80s pop hits, we came up with songs like “Rocket Man in the Middle,” and “Dancing in the Dark Hollow.”

I was thinking about the fact that we’d never tried this with Beatles songs, and it’s time to remedy that. After all, not long after Flatt & Scruggs and the Country Gentlemen started recording Bob Dylan songs, Beatles songs began appearing on bluegrass recordings, with the Charles River Valley Boys in Boston doing an entire Beatles bluegrass album, which featured, among other things, Joe Val singing a great version of I Saw Her Standing There.

The time for mashing these titles up has more than come:

All You Need is Love Gone Cold

Pig in a Penny Lane

Don’t Let Me Down Down Down

Lucy in the Sky With Diamond Joe

Maxwell’s Nine Pound Hammer

What Goes On and On

Wild Mountain Honey Pie

Hey! Hey! Hey! Jude

I Am the Walrus of Time (a stretch, I know)

Rocky Raccoon Top

Please Please Me and My Guitar

I’ve Just Seen a Face in the Crowd

John Dear Prudence Tractor

Will the Circle Let It Be Unbroken

Feast Here There and Everywhere Tonight

The Night Before I Met You

In My Beautiful Life

I Saw Her Standing in the Need of Prayer

Blue Hard Day’s Night

Fool on the Little Cabin Home on the Hill

Baby’s in Black Mountain Rag

Blue Jay Way Downtown

Dig a Pony in the Meadow