Friday at Grey Fox 2016

Friday of Grey Fox 2016 was jam packed full of a wide variety of traditional and progressive bluegrass and related musics, legends, and new faces and sounds. Whether one wanted to see names that they had known and followed for years or be exposed to new music and people, plenty of options abounded all day at the many stages big and small. There were large stages for watching, places to dance, workshops, jam sessions, kids busking around the campground, and loads of smiles and good times.

Without further ado, I will let you see and hear for yourself just a small taste of the fun.

Ruby – O’Connor Family Band


Red Rocking Chair – Mike Compton and Joe Newberry


Greasy Coat – Charm City Junction


Walkin’ Boss – David Grisman Bluegrass Experience


Trout Steak Revival


Left In This World Alone – Del McCoury Band with Cole Quest


Fiddlin’ Around – Mark & Maggie O’Connor


Train On The Island – Charm City Junction


I’m My Own Grandpa – David Grisman & Del McCoury