Free stream of April Verch’s Bright Like Gold

Thanks to April Verch for offering Bluegrass Today readers a chance to listen to her new album, Bright Like Gold, for a limited time here on the site. All 17 tracks can be streamed in the player below.

The record, released on April 1, features April on fiddle and vocals, along with Cody Walters on bass and banjo, and Hayes Griffin on guitar. Her special guests are pretty special indeed: Sammy Shelor playing banjo and Mac Wiseman singing.

You can pick up a copy of the CD from April’s web site. It is also available from popular download sites online.


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  • Darren Sullivan-Koch

    Here’s where Dennis Jones complains about this not being bluegrass.

    • Bob

      I consider cuts 5 & 14 Bluegrass. cut 8 Western Swing, cuts 11 & 13 50-60s Country,cut 16 Gospel, cut 20 Cajun influenced. The rest are Old Tyme, some with influence from other generes. New Old Tyme? Good CD, but not a band I would hire for a Bluegrass Festival. Americana Festival? yes.

      • Jon Weisberger

        As a former member of the April Verch Band, I can remember playing bluegrass festivals – and other bluegrass venues – with her.

    • Dennis Jones

      Not complain, just point what is more than obvious NOT Bluegrass music CD’s that are reviewed and given the impressions that they are Bluegrass. Cracks me up. Look at Bob’s reply. If you think he’s the only one, I have a Pre-War Gibson banjo…never played…I’ll sell you cheap. There are lots and lots of people who see Bluegrass album reviews as a joke, not just here…I think one of Chris Jones’ “columns” pointed this out. I just speak up for REAL Bluegrass. It’s part of a Mission if you will. With the passing of George Jones, so many people were bemoaning the loss of “Real Country Music”. Well I’m on record as a “Defender of Real Bluegrass”. Mock me, make fun of me in your little inner circle…I don’t care. There are legions of Real Bluegrass fans and supporters who stand behind me. Will anyone from here interview me about it? No.

      April is a very sweet and talented woman, award winning even. Her Ottawa Valley, Franco-Celtic up bringing is deeply rooted in her style. Her award winning dancing…Celtic…got her a spot in the Olympic Games ceremonies. This is a really strong CD, my great friend Chris Rosser recorded it in his studio and sonically it’s grand. It’s not a Bluegrass CD though.

      • Darren Sullivan-Koch

        Happy Bluegrass Month, Dennis!

        • Dennis Jones

          Is May Bluegrass Month? Wasn’t it changed to September?

          • Darren Sullivan-Koch


      • David Morris


        I would love to have this conversation with you. Not a debate, just a good, honest discussion about what is bluegrass, what isn’t. Would make for an interesting, maybe even entertaining podcast, video or transcript.