Forever Young from Daniel Grindstaff, with Paul Brewster and Dolly Parton

Bonfire Music Group’s new release from Tennessee banjoist Daniel Grindstaff is something of an epic recording.

What started as a request from Daniel to his friend, Paul Brewster, to sing on this cover of the Rod Stewart hit from 1988, Forever Young, morphed into a request to have Dolly Parton add her voice as well, and the result is a powerful track to be sure. This new cut will be included on Grindstaff’s upcoming Heroes & Friends album, which led him to ask Paul to contribute.

Daniel, who was serving as producer as well as banjo man, tells us that Brewster felt so strongly about the song as he was recording his vocal, that he suggested that Dolly might want to be involved, and provided the contact to her representatives to make the request. She quickly assented, and her al;ways recognizable voice adds a sterling quality to this new recording of the song.

Those who missed it 35 years ago when Stewart released it, or the Bob Dylan song by the same name on which it was based, will surely find comfort in the lyrics, which Daniel explains mean a great deal to him.

“The timeless lyrics of Forever Young speak of a parent’s love, overcoming adversity, embracing the good times and good memories. Producing this song and having it as part of my Heroes & Friends project is an honor. A wonderful cast of heroes and friends joined me in the studio, along with special guest vocalists, the great Paul Brewster and the legendary Dolly Parton. Their vocals are nothing short of amazing. Their kindness in agreeing to sing on the track and making a dream of mine become reality is something I will never forget. That kindness and encouragement is what I hope conveys to the listener.”

Daniel also sings a harmony part, with further assistance from Andy Leftwich on mandolin, Trey Hensley on guitar, Kent Blanton on bass), Josh Swift on resophonic guitar and percussion, Stephen Burwell on fiddle, and Derek Deakins on additional strings.

Have a listen…

Brewster added after hearing the finished product…

“A great musician, a great Brother in Christ, and what a great project. Thanks for my little part in this Daniel, and of course I am thankful Dolly agreed to come on board and add her iconic voice to the song, which was amazing!”

Daniel also intimated that part of his hope in getting Paul involved was to encourage him to sing, and especially record more, now that he has retired from his post as Ricky Skaggs’ tenor singer, which he held through both Ricky’s country and bluegrass eras for more than 25 years.

Let’s hope it works!

Forever Young is available now as a single from popular download and streaming services online, and to radio programmers via AirPlay Direct.

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