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Ernie Evans with Evans Media Source in Florida is continuing to keep us all updated on hurricane Irma prep in the state, with a special focus on bluegrass fans and musicians in the region. He and Justin Mason, who plans to ride out the storm inland from the coast, are sharing readiness tips, and will report on storm conditions and damage once it makes landfall.

The first thing they shared today are some thoughts from master luthier Randy Wood in Georgia about preparing your instruments, especially if you are evacuating and must leave them behind. Moisture and temperature fluctuations can wreak havoc on your beloved and valuable instruments, so take a look at Randy’s suggestions.

– Moisture will do the most damage, sometimes beyond repair.

Do all you can to eliminate moisture from intruding. A flight case is always the best if you have one. Place the instrument high in elevation in your home without putting it in the attic. The attic can get too hot and will introduce more problems

– Loosen strings before storing. Tension will only enhance warping on the neck and body of your instrument.

– Clean your instrument of debris so there is no growth of mold mildew of fungus if you do experience flooding.

– Wrap a blanket or two around it while it is in its case. This will slow down the fluctuation of temperature which is much healthier on the wooden construction and its joints.

It can also be helpful to wrap your instruments in their cases in oversized, heavy-duty plastic garbage bags if you have access to them, the sort often sold for yard trash. The tighter you can close and seal the bags, the less moisture is likely to reach inside the case.

The annual North Florida Bluegrass Association Expo has been postponed due to hurricane Irma. Scheduled for next weekend in Hoboken, GA, the organizers have decided it would be best to postpone in the face the uncertainty about potential storm damage. No details yet on a make up date.

Here is Ernie’s most recent video update…

… and one from last night with a south Florida report from Justin.

Further details will be posted on the EMS on Hurricane Irma Facebook page, and we will share them as well.

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