Fiddle Care and Setup book from Mel Bay

Fiddle Care and SetupMel Bay Publications has released the latest in its FAQ book series, Fiddle Care And Setup, by Michael Hoffheimer.

This 80 page book covers the basics of proper care and maintenance for your fiddle, a well as many details about adjusting it to play and sound the way you prefer. It also looks at questions that occur when buying a fiddle, finding a repairman, and how to understand valuation for both buying and selling.

Techniques of violin construction are also presented to help you understand how it works in your hands, plus a glossary of common technical terms.

Topics include:

  • essential accessories
  • changing string
  • adjusting the bridge
  • replacing fine tuners
  • stuck/slipping tuning pegs
  • when to rehair your bow
  • dealing with buzzes and rattles
  • finding good dealers and repair people

Look for the book wherever Mel Bay’s instructional items are sold.

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