Extreme Makeover: Bluegrass Edition

Gary Brewer with his dad and two sons, on the set of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Gary Brewer has been playing bluegrass his entire life. His family is steeped in the genre going back generations. The current line up of his band includes three generations of Brewer men (Gary, his dad, and his two sons).

When the producers of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition decided to help out a family near Louisville, KY, they decided to make the entire episode about family. The Lampe family was certainly in need of a home makeover and very deserving of the gift. The producers wanted family music as part of the backdrop for the episode, so they called up Gary Brewer and asked him to bring his family and play some music on site while the new home was constructed. The show features all three generations of Brewer men: Gary on guitar and banjo, his father Jim on guitar, his son Wayne (soon to be 16 in february!) on Bass, and his son Mason (10) on mandolin and percussion. They call themselves Brewgrass.

The producers had done research of some kind and my name showed up, I was told “Your name was mentioned or seen in every place and by every person we inquired.” They said they were after authentic Kentucky Music for the show, they then asked the Local Inspection company of the build about me, and lo and behold, the Chief Inspector knew me personally! (I am a Kentucky Licenced Home/Industrial/Commercial Inspector), I own a Home Inspection Company with my brother: “We Inspect It ” LLC. so contact was made and they called me.

They told me they wanted me and my dad and son’s, because this was for a family from a family, so to speak. They really treated us great with VIP treatment, everything was catered in for us, police escort, etc…

The Brewers performed live, on site, during the construction. Thanks to Gary’s inspector cred they were allowed a tour of the house during the build.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition episode 8.13 is available for viewing online at Hulu.com (embedded below). The online version includes audio snippets of the Brewers playing on site (at the following timecodes: 18:30 and 22:15), but no footage of the band. In some televised markets (depending on sponsorship obligations) the Brewers do receive some screen time for a tune or so.

This was a great thing for a family in need, and the Brewers did a great job representing bluegrass music to the viewers of Extreme Makeover. This is the Bluegrass Edition!