European Bluegrass Music Association to be dissolved

The European Bluegrass Music Association (EBMA) Board is to recommend to the membership that EBMA should be dissolved.

In a special notice issued on Sunday, March 5, 2023, the organization’s statement went on to say ..  

This decision has come after serious consideration about the role and ambitions of EBMA, its resources and its effectiveness, as well as the growth in national and local initiatives that play a much greater part in supporting and promoting bluegrass music around Europe.

EBMA has made a large contribution to bluegrass music in Europe and has been a strong advocate for the music originating from within Europe. Now, It is time to recognise that EBMA, as an association of members is not sustainable.

The Board has set in motion a plan to close down EBMA over the coming months in accordance with its rules, and to meet its financial and legal obligations.

Chairman Eugene O’Brien added … 

“The message to the members will go out shortly and we have requested comments from them.

We can only gauge the reaction when comments come in.

The message to the members is much more comprehensive and detailed than today’s Facebook post.

This has not been a quick decision as we have discussed it amongst ourselves over the past year. 

A Zoom meeting was held on 6 February with a unanimous decision by the Board to dissolve EBMA. 

We took time to reflect on this decision but there has been no change of heart from any of the members of the Board, hence the decision to publish the post.

EBMA has no financial issues as we are solvent, and all moneys received since 1 Jan 2022 are being refunded.

The remaining financial assets will be distributed to appropriate ‘organizations’ with similar aims, through a clear and transparent process, before finally closing the association.

EBMA is constituted under Swiss law, and will follow that in any requirements for its dissolution.”

Given the challenges that the EBMA has faced during the past few years, the sad and disappointing decision has perhaps been obvious for some time. 

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