Doyle Lawson set to release 25th Anniversary DVD

Doyle Lawson has been in the business of bluegrass for quite some time and has developed a signature sound. While band members have changed over the years, the sound has not. On April 1, 2004 Doyle celebrated 25 years of having his band Quicksilver by taping a concert DVD. Many former members of the band, who are now successful in their own right, showed up and played on the concert. In the face of the many challenges surrounding the release of such a project it has taken until now for Doyle to bring it to market. We are nearing the scheduled release of the project now and I’m sure Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver fans are getting excited. Doyles wife Suzanne Lawson had this to say about the upcoming release.

It looks as if there will be 30-35 songs included. The number of songs will be determined when all the minutes are figured out. Doyle can’t include 5+ hours. The DVD will be available Oct/Nov. I’ll have a definite date for you later as well as a price and how to order.

They are making every effort to have the DVD available at IBMA the last week in October.