Double Wide Church video from Red Roots

We’ve posted once before about Red Roots, a bluegrass Gospel trio consisting of Nicole, Nika and Natalie Taylor, identical, red-headed triplets from near the gulf coast of Mississippi.

The girls have a new, long-form video for their song, Double Wide Church, included on their current, self-tited album. Who said that Gospel groups don’t have a sense of humor?

Red Roots has a number of other videos accessible on their web site. There are performance and music videos, plus useful, how-to clips like this one.

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  • Wes

    Thanks for those videos, especially the chicken catching lessons.

    I wanted to go chicken catching once and just didn’t know the proper attire for that activity. I had one in the yard a few years back…very strange…was a runaway chicken that escaped the pickup truck bed of some guy that was aworkin’ next door. The fugitive chicken found its way into my yard and I could not catch him/her. Must have been my cloths….Also, I discovered that chickens are very sneaky. I would stalk him /her and he/she would peek around the corner of the house at me out of one sneaky, beady, little chicken eye, then run around the house in the opposite direction. Round and round we went like a kids game. Fortunately, within a few days a local cat or hawk, owl…. maybe his/her owner or a hungry neighbor solved the problem. I went out to catch me a chicken one morning and I found a surplus of loose feathers that looked like the ones that chicken had been wearing. No chicken corpus delecti was evident on the scene. true story.


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