Dinner on the Ground

This post is a contribution from world renowned podcast celebrity Wichita Rutherford. Be sure to visit his site 5MinutesWithWichita.com to listen to his weekly podcast featuring interviews with bluegrass stars.

Wichita RutherfordHave you ever had “dinner on the ground”? If you haven”t you ought to because you”d love it. To some people dinner on the ground is a picnic. With fried chicken, potato salad and canned peaches on real plates and there”s celery with peanut butter and raisons on it and pie and real forks and cloth napkins. And all the mothers and aunts and sisters have worked on it most of the morning so there would be enough for everybody and a bunch left over for later. To others dinner on the ground is potted meat, crackers, sandwiches and drinking a grape Coke on the tail gate of a pickup truck. Or in the middle of the floor back in the stock room of their grandfather”s small town grocery store as he takes a few minutes off to eat lunch and tell them how he used to do this with his grandfather when he was a little kid like them. The little kids just love it too. Even if you do it just one time when they grow up they”ll say “Remember when we had dinner on the ground that time and we”” You should do it. Its not too late. This next week find somebody and have dinner on the ground with them. Somebody you love. A bunch of people you love. Even if they don”t “get it” they will when its over. And you know what else? They”ll never forget it. I never have. I never will. You won”t either. You know why? Because it”s the Bluegrass way.

Your pal,