Dierks Bentley interviews Sam Bush

Sam Bush with Dierks BentleyWe all seem to enjoy celebrity interviews. They give us a peek into the lives of the people who’s music we love so much. So how could we not love a celebrity interview conducted by a celebrity?

In a web exclusive for Country Weekly magazine, country music star Dierks Bentley plays reporter and sits down with the father of Newgrass, Sam Bush, for an interview.

Sam seems reluctant to accept that title though.

For years, I fought calling stuff "newgrass" just cause people were saying "You’re the father of newgrass." I always thought it was John Duffey with the Country Gentlemen who made the first new bluegrass. But so did the Osborn Brothers and so did Jim and Jessie. Jim and Jessie did a whole Chuck Berry album in the ’60s called Berry Pickin’ Time in the Country.

A couple questions later though, Sam does accept the label of Newgrass:

The word newgrass probably applies, especially now that ‚Ķ I’ve got a banjo player, and if we want to play bluegrass we feel that we can really play bluegrass. And if we want to vary off, we have Byron House on bass ‚Ķ who’s great on the upright.

Other topics covered in the interview include baseball and dogs, two passions shared by both Bush and Bentley.

You can read the interview on Country Weekly’s website.