Destination Bluegrass wins at Yadkinville

When the judges’ votes were tallied in last month’s Yadkin Valley Bluegrass Convention, the top prize in the Bluegrass Band contest went to Destination Bluegrass from Mocksville, NC. Slate Mountain Ramblers took first place in Old Time Band, and both received the $600 cash prize for band winners.

A total of $5400 was awarded in prize money over 26 categories of both junior and senior level competition. 2018 marked the 33rd year for this convention, held in Yadkinville, NC at the Yadkinville Elementary School. Musicians travel in from several surrounding states to take part in the competition, and to enjoy and participate in the jamming that fills the classrooms and the school yard.

A complete list of winners follows:

Bluegrass Band

  1. Destination Bluegrass
  2. Travis Frye & Blue Mountain
  3. The Trailblazers
  4. Shacktown Grass Hoppers

Old Time Band

  1. Slate Mountain Ramblers
  2. The Tater Hill Mashers
  3. Karlie Keepfer & Smokey Holler
  4. Del-Ray Brothers

Senior Bluegrass Fiddle

  1. John Hoffman
  2. Randy Willard
  3. Blaine Wagoner

Senior Old Time Fiddle

  1. John Hoffman
  2. Richard Bowman
  3. Chris Testrman

Junior Bluegrass Fiddle

  1. Wesley Coatney
  2. Sophia Lenay Pyles
  3. Belle Lippard

Junior Old Time Fiddle

  1. Asa Nelson
  2. Annali Burnett
  3. Wesley Coatney

Senior Bluegrass Banjo

  1. Alex Edwards
  2. Jimmy Paschal
  3. Robbie Williams

Junior Bluegrass Banjo

  1. Ethan Pardue

Senior Old Time Banjo

  1. Marsha Todd
  2. Charlie Keepfer
  3. Chris Testerman

Junior Old Time Banjo

  1. Asa Nelson

Senior Mandolin

  1. Randy Willard
  2. Jonah Horton
  3. Daniel Thrailkill

Junior Mandolin

  1. Elijah Moore
  2. Maddie-Rose Lippard

Senior Guitar

  1. John Horton
  2. Daniel Thrailkill
  3. Danny Castevens

Junior Guitar

  1. Wesley Coatney
  2. Asa Nelson
  3. Ethan Wagoner

Senior Acoustic Bass

  1. Will Thrailkill
  2. Alex Edwards
  3. Barbara Bowman

Junior Acoustic Bass

  1. Lincoln Moore

Senior Dobro

  1. Danny Castevens
  2. Ezra Wilkliams

Junior Dobro

  1. Ethan Wagoner

Senior Dulcimer

  1. Steve Kilby
  2. Danny Castevens

Senior Autoharp

  1. Lois R Shumaker
  2. Richard Bowman

Junior Autoharp

  1. Emilee Lippard

Senior Vocal

  1. John Hoffman
  2. Daniel Thrailkill
  3. Coleman Emerson

Junior Vocal

  1. Karlie Keepfer
  2. Anneli Burnett
  3. Emilee, Maddie-Rose, and Belle Lippard

Senior Dance

  1. Marsha Todd
  2. Marty Todd
  3. Barbara Bowman

Junior Dance

  1. Karlie Keepfer
  2. Asa Nelson
  3. Anneli Burnett

The Rising Little Star award was given to Anneli Burnett.

Congratulations to all the winners!

If you’ve never taken your family to a competition festival like this, you may be surprised by how well everyone enjoys themselves. There is always a wealth of great music, and the youngsters get a real kick out of seeing people their own age competing. Many a young picker has been born seeing another child tearing up an instrument.

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