Danny Paisley recuperating at home

Danny PaisleyDanny Paisley was discharged from the hospital this past Saturday night, after having undergone successful triple bypass surgery the Monday prior (12/9). Paisely had suffered a pair of heart attacks this Fall, neither severe enough to require emergency surgery.

He said he was “taking ‘er easy” for now, trying to regain his strength and be ready to get back out on the road after the new year. They don’t have any shows booked until January 5 in Herndon, VA, and he is planning on being there for that.

When we spoke just a few minutes ago, Danny said that considering what he went through last week, he doesn’t feel too badly.

“I’m wiped out and feel a bit weird. My chest feels good; I’m taking some pain medicine for that. My legs really bother me from where they run those things up there and I can’t stay on my feet for long.”

He also mentioned how differently things went as compared to how he recalls his dad’s bypass surgery some years ago.

“They had him in the hospital two or three days before his surgery was scheduled. Me, they had me knocked out and on the table an hour after I got there!”

All in all, Danny said he mostly glad to have this behind him.

“I’m looking forward to the part of not worrying about this any more. I spent a couple months just sitting here waiting to find out what was going to happen.”

Great news for anyone who loves heartfelt, traditional bluegrass music.

Get well soon!

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