Daniel Hardin back to Becky Buller Band

If it’s still January, we must not be finished with all the comings and goings of bluegrass band members that regularly occurs this time of year.

Today’s announcement is a happy one for members of The Becky Buller Band, who welcome bassist Daniel Hardin back into the group after a year long hiatus.

And once again, Becky has chosen a cinematic theme to share the news far and wide about his return, using his official band sobriquet.

“We’ve affectionately nicknamed Daniel ‘The Hulk’ because he gets super pumped up when he plays music. At the end of this video, you can hear his incredible break from the tune Cair Paravel on my Crêpe Paper Heart album. We’re excited to have him back in the fold.”

You can check out Becky’s tour schedule online.

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