D’Addario Humidipak Recall

Humidipak Products from D'AddarioD’Addario Strings has announced a recall on their humidity control products in the Humidipak line. It seems there is a potential defect that allows the solution to leak through the product lining.

We have discovered that we have a potential defect as it relates to the film lining of the Humidipak packettes. Our testing has discovered that there is a possible risk that minor spotting of the Humidipak solution may become visible on the packette over time.

The company says the solution is not toxic, but…

…due to the alkalinity of the material it can cause irritation to skin and eyes and may be harmful if swallowed.

Like most other humidity control products, the Humidipak is designed to be inserted into your instrument’s soundhole, or at least be in close proximity to the instrument when in the case. D’Addario assures users that the defect does not place your instrument’s finish in jeopardy.

Wood finished with lacquer or urethane is protected. Simply wipe the solution off of the wood with a dry cloth and clean spot with guitar polish to remove any residue.

They are offering a return program that allows you to choose between receiving a new Humidipak product once the defect has been fixed, or simply choosing other products of equal value from their catalog.

More information can be found here.