Cradle of Bluegrass Music Trail: Revisited

Larry CordleEarlier this month we told you about a concert series being produced by the Kentucky Department of Parks and America’s Bluegrass Inc. At the time we mentioned that the Cradle of Bluegrass Music Trail concert series would feature a number of native Kentuckians. One of those who will be performing at every show is bluegrass great Larry Cordle.

I had the opportunity to speak with Larry yesterday and asked for his thoughts about the concert series. Here is what he shared with me.

Speaking about the relationship between bluegrass music and Kentucky.

Bluegrass music is the sound of Kentucky to me…….from the high lonesome mountains to the rolling horse farms & the endless river towns I feel that it belongs to Kentucky…..and I am so proud to be from Kentucky.

On Monroe, bluegrass, and Kentucky…

He [Bill Monroe] is undoubtedly the ‘reason’ for Bluegrass music in it’s strictest sense & was a wonderful mentor to me. His music reflected all the things I mentioned above & incorporated much of the heavy Scotch Irish drony sounds with Blues & country……I think Kentuckians are always cognizant of Mr. Monroe’s stamp on music history……….He was proud to be a Kentuckian & everyone I know who plays this music, thinks he is the reason that Bluegrass music exists.

About his own involvement with the Cradle of Bluegrass Music Trail.

I am absolutely speechless that I was asked to be part of this series……..what great musicians that comprise this group……….that I could somehow be fortunate enough to be asked to be a part of this is the utmost honor for me………..I hope I can somehow live up to being asked to participate in these shows with so many ‘great’ Kentucky musicians that I admire so much.

Thanks so much to Larry for taking the time to share with us. If you have the chance I would encourage you to make an effort to attend one of these shows and hear some great bluegrass music while enjoying the wonderful Kentucky state parks at the same time.