Country Current holding auditions

Country CurrentThe US Navy Band, Country Current, has announced an opening for the position of pedal steel guitar player in the country line up of the band. More pertinent to bluegrass music though, is the news that Master Chief Musician Wayne Taylor has made plans to retire in the early part of 2008.

Taylor’s retirement will leave an opening in the band for a lead vocalist/acoustic guitar player, and auditions are currently being held. The position does double duty, playing and singing in both the bluegrass and country versions of the band. In addition to lead vocals and acoustic guitar, the position is also that of emcee for the band.

Master Chief Musician Wayne Taylor is retiring and will be out soon. We are actively looking for people to audition for Lead Vocals and Acoustic Guitar… Must have strong, well founded bluegrass and country background. Must send in a cd with current songs, a resume’, and should be comfortable as emcee.

The job starts with a rank of Petty Officer 1st Class and an E6 pay grade. That works out to approximately $50K a year plus 100% medical and dental benefits for the person’s entire family.

There is an age restriction for the job. The Navy specifies that the person must be between the ages of 18 and 34. Navy standard for hight/weight ratio must also be met. Anyone not meeting these standards will not be auditioned. Here is a pdf file of the Navy weight standards for reference.

All auditions are by appointment only. To schedule an audition time, one should contact Master Chief Stuart McLean or Chief Musician Christopher J. Raifsnider at (202)433-2840, or by email at