Cluny Macpherson – the banjo picking nurse

We got this follow-up note from Ivan Rosenberg, a respected resonator guitarist and clawhammer banjo player in the Pacific Northwest. He wanted to let everyone know the status of Cluny Macpherson in the Class Act Canada online scholarship contest, and how our readers have made a difference.

Cluny MacphersonThanks largely to a big surge of votes following a previous post on Bluegrass Today, banjo picker Cluny Macpherson from Victoria, BC made it to the 3rd and final round of a contest to win up to a $100,000 college scholarship. The Class Act Canada contest will award 10 deserving students from around the world with an all-expenses-paid education at Sprott-Shaw Community College in British Columbia, Canada. Voting ends this coming Friday, and the judges will select 10 winners (out of 20 finalists) based on the merit of contestants’ video entries as well as their ability to earn votes.

Cluny intends to work in the field of geriatric nursing. His video entries have displayed some nice banjo chops while also speaking of his desire to make a difference in the community by serving elderly residents.

If you get a chance, please visit Class Act Canada to see Cluny’s new video. According to the contest rules, each IP address can vote 10 times in a row each day. No personal information is required, and just takes seconds to vote–Cluny mentioned that after the first post about this in Bluegrass Today, he jumped up 10,000 votes that very day. Competition is tight, and he’s currently around #18 out of 20. But with a few more days of clicking, we can help a great banjo player reach his very commendable educational and professional goals.

Remember, you can vote 10 times in a row each day. Thank you!