Chris Burton and Digital Downloads – update

I just heard from Chris Burton, who we wrote about here. He gave me an update on his CD that also relates to the viewpoint piece I did early this week. In that post I mentioned that Chris had alerted me to a new service being offered by CDBaby. This service is called Digital Distribution. You can read about it in my other post. The point here is that Chris opted to use this service for his CD and sent me this update.

My CD has now been distributed to itunes and wrap factory. It takes about 2 weeks to show up there.

I just checked the iTunes music store and it’s not showing up yet, but should sometime soon.

Chris had previously told me his CD was available through Sony Connect.

My project has been sent to “Sony Connect.” It is their new download service. .65 a song. It takes two to three weeks to get online once they receive it. I’m not sure of how the pie is sliced per song download…

Looks like the same lead time of 2 weeks is necessary for them to get it in their system. This new service from CDBaby looks to me like a great way for an independent artist to get their music distributed to legal download providers. Happy downloading.

EDITOR’S NOTE: I tried to visit the Sony Connect website just to check it out, but apparently they don’t want me as a customer. First they told me I had to use Internet Explorer, it’s the only browser they support. So, just to indulge them, I switched to IE only to be told at that point that they don’t support the Mac OS. Guess where I’m downloading my music…