CDBaby is now selling CDs

We”ve posted about CDBaby and all things they can do for an independent artist in the area of digital distribution. Well now they can also help with physical distribution. CDBaby has just inked a partnership with the one-stop Super D. Super D supplies a wide range of leading music retailers, including Tower Records, Borders, Best Buy, Hot Topic, and Transworld. It also covers a large number of independent retailer. With this new deal CDBaby can now complement your online CD sales with physical distribution to about 2400 stores.

The deal doesn”t guarantee placement with specific stores, but it does open the possibility.

The deal is a much-needed boost for neighborhood CD stores, making it easier for them to order independent titles, which in turn makes it easier for independent artists to tell their fans to visit their local record store to buy their CD.

Basically, if you opt in to the deal then the stores have the option of ordering your CD at a special “wholesale” rate that is different from the normal rate you have set in CDBaby. The company is saying that most stores will only order a CD if they have a lot of requests for it, or a customer special orders it. But I think if an artist was aggressive about promoting themselves to local radio and then contacted the stores, you might see some sales. The stores do have to buy the disc with no returns, so they will be cautious.

If we hear from any bluegrass artists taking advantage of this set up, we”ll give you an update on how it”s working for them.