• Against all odds – SamJam 2020

    2020 has been a devastating year for bluegrass festivals, entertainers, and promoters, just to mention a few in the industry. With COVID-19 taking its toll on our great music, deep in southern Ohio, on the edge of Appalachia, Pike County

  • Fast Track – Fast Track

    Fast Track is technically a new band – they've just released their debut, self-titled album from Engelhardt Music Group – but the members themselves should be familiar faces to most bluegrass fans. Formed from members of David Parmley's Cardinal Tradition

  • Camp Springs Bluegrass Festival 2020 a go

    Cody Johnson, with sign depicting his dad, the late Bill Johnson, as he appeared in Bluegrass Country Soul. It happened! Cody and Donna Johnson, new owners of Camp Springs Bluegrass Park, labored diligently throughout the spring and summer, and were allowed to

  • Gasoline – Grain Thief

    Given its unpretentious posture and makeshift inception, Grain Thief's new album, Gasoline, might have reason to offer the impression that it's as volatile as its title implies. Written on the run — in the midst of late night parties, airplane flights,

  • Old Road, New Again – The Dillards

    The influence of the Dillard brothers on the ever-evolving trajectory of modern bluegrass can never be underestimated. One of the prime ensembles that ushered in the merging of that traditional tapestry with a contemporary sound, championed by such '60s standbys

  • Arrows – Bowregard

    Boulder Colorado-based Bowregard may be newcomers as far as the contemporary bluegrass scene is concerned, but they’ve already proven their mettle courtesy of major wins in two prestigious competitions — first, the Ullrgrass Bluegrass Band Contest in 2018, followed by a

  • Take Me Back – Carolina Blue

    One of the hottest new traditional bands on the bluegrass circuit is Carolina Blue, who burst onto the national scene a few years back with the album I Hear Bluegrass Calling Me, quickly racking up radio plays, award nominations, and

  • Moving On – LakeSide

    LakeSide has never wavered from their determination and devotion to their faith. Their astute blend of country music, acoustic instrumentation, bluegrass, and grassicana is wholly immersed in the Gospel tradition. That said, their sound is immersive, engaging and accessible, and