• Great stuff – coming soon

    Brance and I have a ton of great photos to share, and reports from last night's and this afternoon's showcase performances. We have one more meeting today, and then a space of time to get photos and info together, and posted

  • Bluegrass Country Wednesday schedule

    WAMU's Bluegrass Country will again be broadcasting live from IBMA this afternoon, bringing a taste of the 2008 World Of Bluegrass event to listeners worldwide who are unable to attend. Wednesday's (10/1) lineup include will include performances from Lonesome River Band

  • Bluegrass youth at IBMA

    Last night (9/29), Brance and I ventured out to the late night IBMA showcases and watched a number of exciting young performers. We saw Farewell Drifters, Dominic Leslie and Josh Williams, and spoke at some length with Joe Dean, the

  • IBMA Travelogue #3

    Our own intrepid correspondent, Richard Thompson , is with us in Nashville, having traveled from the UK to attend the IBMA convention this week. This is his first trip to IBMA in 20 years, and we thought that his impressions

  • Internet Marketing Mentor Sessions

    If you're here at IBMA and would like to have a little help with your online marketing, be sure to sign up for the Internet Marketing Mentor Sessions. Starting tomorrow morning, Tuesday, September 30, at 9 AM, you can sign up

  • On the road again

    Brance and I are on the road, heading for Nashville and the IBMA World Of Bluegrass Convention, where our Richard Thompson is already situated. We hope to arrive around noon Nashville time, and will be spending the rest of the day

  • Bluegrass Country Monday schedule

    For those of you who can't be in Nashville this week for all the big doin's at IBMA, be sure to tune in to WAMU's Bluegrass Country online to get a taste of what is going on. They will be broadcasting

  • IBMA off site events

    With so many bluegrass folks packing up and heading to Nashville for the big IBMA week just ahead of us, we have put together a list of events not held in the Nashville Convention Center or The Renaissance Hotel. A