• Introducing 40 Horse Mule

    Not everyone who moves to Nashville to work in the music business comes thinking that they will hit the big time, but an awful lot do. Some arrive just hoping to find a gig as a sideman, and many never

  • Larry Stephenson Band in Crystal River

    The Larry Stephenson Band appeared at St. Timothy’s Lutheran Church in Crystal River, Florida this past Friday evening. They were fresh off a Danny Stewart bluegrass cruise and the audience was treated to two sets of top notch music. Each

  • WAMU’s Bluegrass Country Lives On

    Bluegrass Country radio has a new lease on life. A new foundation, using WAMU’s broadcasting license, will take over broadcast and streaming operations for the long-running Washington, D.C., bluegrass institution on February 6. An agreement between WAMU 88.5 and the Bluegrass Country

  • New look for Chosen Road

    When you catch Chosen Road out on the festival or church circuit this year, you'll see some new faces with the band. The West Virginia-based Gospel bluegrass group has brought in Max Silverstein on fiddle, and Tyler Robertson on banjo. Max

  • What’s your name, boy?

    I’m on tour in California and Arizona this week, so writing time has been scarce. We’re currently driving north up the coast (or I assume it’s north because that looks very much like the Pacific ocean out my left window)

  • Halos & Horns forms in Stockholm

    A new bluegrass band has formed in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, consisting of a quintet of young Swedish grassers. Halos & Horns was formed unintentionally, as many great bands are, when Erik Igelström and his wife, Hanna, hosted a party

  • Still Small Voice from Nu Blu

    Nu-Blu is starting 2017 with a new single, from an upcoming new album, with their new label. The single is Still Small Voice, written by Devin Bell, Jimmy Fortune, and Tony Lopacinski, which Bell recorded several years ago as a rockin'

  • Hinson Girls to Southern Belle Booking

    Southern Belle Booking has announced the signing of The Hinson Girls to the agency. The Girls are a quartet of siblings from Lancaster, SC who have been singing bluegrass Gospel music together since they were just youngsters. Now young ladies,