• Photos from Lawtey, Florida bluegrass festivals?

    Anyone here who may have attended and have some pictures of the old Lawtey, Florida bluegrass festivals from around 1970 through 1973.  Also would like to see photos of the Cobb County Georgia Bluegrass Festivals from the 70's. Thanks, Joel Aderhold

  • Rhonda Vincent-Oprah

    I just read where Rhonda Vincent was recently featured in Oprah Winfrey's magazine.  WHAT?!?  WHY?!?  Oprah has nothing to do with Bluegrass.  I heard Oprah say that when she read in the Bible that God is a jealous God, she

  • Grey Fox 2009 Videos

    This year, for the first time in 33 years since I've been attending Berkshire/Winterhawk/Grey Fox off and on, I decided to volunteer for the video staff. What a great time I had - plan to do it again. We're releasing my

  • Galway Americana festival

    Hi Folks, Just a quick note to let you know about a small new festival happening over here in Galway, Ireland, coming up in September; 10th -13th.  www.galwayamericanafestival.com Drop by and leave us a message! Links gratefully exchanged. Cheers! : )

  • Electric bass at Galax

    I fully agree with the Moose lodge folks.  An electric bass has no place in a bluegrass setting.  The Galax festival is all about tradition and the folks that don't understand that should take their amps and go to Bonnaroo. 

  • LA Readers: Baskery @ The Hotel Cafe

    For those of you that are in the Los Angeles area, the sister trio known as Baskery will be performing at The Hotel Cafe on Sunday, August 16th at 9 PM.  Originally from Sweden, the Bondesson sisters' acoustic guitar, six-stringed