• Introducing Bill Evans

    It's a great pleasure to introduce Bill Evans as a Guest Contributor. Bill is one of my oldest friends in the bluegrass world, and I take a measure of personal pride in seeing the success he has achieved as both

  • Introducing Stephanie Dilling

    At only 14 years of age, Stephanie Dilling has been in and around bluegrass music since the day she was born. Her father, IIIrd Tyme Out banjoist Steve Dilling, and her mother Macie have taken her all over the country

  • Introducing Greg Cahill

    We are proud to welcome Greg Cahill as a Guest Contributor. Greg founded the band The Special Consensus in 1975 and continues to be an influential force in bluegrass music. More about Greg from his website: In addition to conducting workshops

  • Introducing Tim Stafford

    We are happy to introduce Tim Stafford as a Guest Contributor. Tim is the guitar player with bluegrass supergroup Blue Highway, and is also known as one of bluegrass music's great songwriters. Be sure to visit both his website and

  • Introducing Casey Henry

    Casey Henry is the daughter of banjo player Murphy Henry. Casey is an accomplished banjo player in her own right, as well as an instructor. Here is some background info from her website: She started playing bass at the age of

  • Introducing Brad Davis

    I've known Brad Davis for about 5 or 6 years now and I don't think I've met a finer person. He's an incredible guitarist, singer, songwriter, and recording engineer. Brad has been playing guitar since he was 5 and when

  • Grassware – bluegrass wearables

    We received a note from Mark Miracle, mandolinist with Mountain Therapy, about his original t-shirt designs, including one in support of the Bill Monroe postage stamp campaign. Mark's company is called Grassware, and they have a variety a bluegrass-themed apparel items

  • Introducing Wichita Rutherford

    Bluegrass Today is proud to welcome Wichita Rutherford as a Guest Contributor. Formerly a pool cleaner, Wichita is now a world renowned podcast superstar. His podcast 5minuteswithwichita.com has ushered bluegrass into the mainstream of the podcasting world. Each week he interviews

  • Alan Stewart – an introduction

    Alan Stewart is a name that won't be familiar to most (if any) bluegrass fans. He's not a player, he's not a writer, in fact, he's not involved in the business of bluegrass at all. But it's what he is

  • Introducing Murphy Henry

    Musician, teacher, author, small business owner, performer, and passionate fan, Murphy Henry is what this business is all about. Murphy grew up, as many of us did, singing in church and taking piano lessons. During the folk music craze she