Alan Stewart – an introduction

Alan Stewart is a name that won’t be familiar to most (if any) bluegrass fans. He’s not a player, he’s not a writer, in fact, he’s not involved in the business of bluegrass at all. But it’s what he is that’s important. Alan is a marketing expert. He co-hosts The Marketer”s Podcast, a podcast dedicated to sharing with you the tools and tactics for marketing your business both online and off.

We asked Alan to contribute to Bluegrass Today because we felt his insight into marketing could be of benefit to any person working the business of bluegrass. If you play in a band, promote a festival, or run any other small business, you should be listening to The Marketer”s Podcast. I discovered it quite by accident through iTunes a few months ago and it quickly became the podcast I most anticipated each week.

If you are interesting in doing a better job of marketing yourself, or your product, you should really benefit from Alan’s contribution(s) to Bluegrass Today.