• Dr. Ralph in Bath

    Ralph Stanley & the Clinch Mountain Boys are scheduled to feature as the highlight act at the Bath (England) International Music Festival on Friday, May 29. Stanley's appearance at the Pavilion, Bath, during the five-day event will be accompanied by several

  • EBMA news

    Earlier this month we brought you news of the European Booking Network Notice Board, one initiative that came from the European Bluegrass Summit that took place early in February at Buhl/Baden (Germany). The summit considered in depth six topics, namely ‚Ķ‚Ķ Associations and

  • Going where the grass is bluer

    These days it isn't any surprise that bluegrass is a world-wide phenomenon. However, the wonderment associated with stories from elsewhere continues. Yesterday, I came across an interesting story about bluegrass activities in Japan, in the Japan Times, to be precise. The story,

  • European Booking Network notice board

    We posted a report last month about the recent European Bluegrass Summit held in B?ºhl/Baden (Germany) in early February. The summit was convened to allow for closer collaboration among European bluegrass associations, and to further the promotion of bluegrass music

  • Blue Grass Boys circa 1966

    Scott Tichenor, proprietor of Mandolin Cafe, shot us a note about some photos published yesterday on his site. Cafe member John Fields posted several pictures he took of Bill Monroe on tour in England during 1996, which he had waylaid and

  • The White Dove

    Bob Webster, the WAMU/bluegrasscountry presenter of the Sunday morning programme Stained Glass Bluegrass, and regular contributor Richard F Thompson have collaborated to bring this story about the origins of the song The White Dove, the Stanley Brothers' favourite. An abridged version of the story

  • Katy Hill goes cross cultural

    Here's a video of John Reischman and the Jaybirds together with the Mei Han's Red Chamber performing Katy Hill at Vancouver Community College. Talk about cross cultural! The instruments being used here include the standard mandolin, bass, guitar, and banjo, but

  • Welcome Benjamin Olsson!

    Christoffer Olsson, guitarist and lead singer with G2, is celebrating the birth of his son, Benjamin, born earlier this month. G2 banjo picker Jens Koch shared this photo of Christoffer and Benjamin, along with some band news from their home in

  • Titan titanium banjos

    Some of the most closely followed topics in the banjo world are discussions about the metals and alloys used in banjo construction. The most common materials used in high end banjos tend to vary very little, though you do read from

  • European Bluegrass Summit

    This report on the European Bluegrass Summit held recently in Germany 2/7-8), is a contribution from Richard Hawkins, IBMA International Committee chair and proprietor of The Bluegrass Ireland Blog. As a direct result of the success of IBMA's International Summit at