Carl White on a roll

Carl White, the newest member of Monroeville, was involved in a serious automobile accident last night in Tennessee. Fortunately, though he lost control on slick roads and rolled the truck, he emerged unharmed.

Matthew Munsey, mandolinist with Monroeville, shared the harrowing tale of the trip back from a show in Gatlinburg:

“Carl was following me to my house to pick up some luggage so we could go to Miami today and board a ship to play the Mayberry cruise with Tim White this week. The roads were wet and he downshifted his truck and tapped the brakes while going over a hill on the back roads. This combination proved to be perilous for his 86 Mazda truck.

He hit the bank and rolled it four times before coming to a rest. He had to crawl out the back window just to get out, which Carl said ‘would have been impossible if I hadn’t lost 100 lbs!’

When he called me I had already driven a few miles on not knowing he had wrecked. Thankfully, Carl is OK and didn’t have a scratch. His vintage fender p bass and amp (which happened to be rolling around in the cab with him) was likewise unscathed.

Carl told me ‘I’m probably the only cat in the world that would roll his truck four times and come out smiling and waving a peace sign.’ He also said ‘tell everyone to pray for me and send me money for a new car!’

We are grateful to have Carl in Monroeville and glad that he is OK. This could not have come at a worse time. He is in the middle of relocating to East TN for Monroeville. Carl once told me that one of the nicest things Doyle Lawson said to him was that no matter what happened, Carl always landed on his feet. I think I understand what he means by that.”

As you might expect, Carl woke this morning to a good many aches and pains, but it’s full speed ahead for him and Monroeville, Miami-bound.

Anyone who wants to send along messages of encouragement can reach White by email or on Facebook.

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