Cadillac Sky reunion?

Cadillac Sky’s brief tenure in the newgrasss world generated a lot of passion. Traditionalists disliked them intensely, while more open-minded (and typically younger) audiences ate them up.

Much of the early bristling may have come from a poor audience/entertainer match, with the band being booked at bluegrass festivals where their brand of aggressive, modern string music might not be well appreciated. That popped up quickly in 2007, when on-site disagreements between Cadillac Sky and a promoter in Arkansas accelerated into them being asked to leave a festival where they had been booked for three days.

But they did eventually find their niche and released 3 albums between 2007 and 2010. Just as quickly as they appeared, though, the band fell apart in 2011 shortly after primary vocalist and songwriter Bryan Simpson decided to leave the group.

Ever since, there have been calls for a reunion from frustrated fans, which the band has refueled in this clever new video promoting Simpson’s latest album.


At the time of their disbanding, C-Sky consisted of Simpson on mandolin, Matt Menefee on banjo, David Mayfield on guitar, Ross Holmes on fiddle, and Andy Moritz on bass.

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