Brent Pack back to Hammertowne

Ah… the inevitable pull of bluegrass music.

We reported a few months back that Brent Pack had left Hammertowne, a band he had helped found with Dave Carroll in Kentucky some years back. He gave his notice in order to accept a new job as a Park Ranger that would preclude having time off on weekends to travel with the band.

Brent took the new job and made the sacrifice of his music life as any young man would, expecting to find good things in the new permanent position, but as he began to settle into the job, it wasn’t what he had hoped it would be. And a big part of the disappointment was as a result of missing the music and his friends in the band.

So the new gig is history, and Brent is back with the boys, playing his banjo again with Hammertowne.

Carroll tells us that they are delighted to have him back, even as they say goodbye to David Barnett who had been playing the five in Brent’s absence. David says that he “would be an asset to any band.”

In addition to Brent and Dave, Hammertowne consists of Chaston Carroll on mandolin, Bryan Russell on bass, and Scott Tackett on guitar.

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