Brayden Williamson endorsed by Black Diamond Strings

Young up-and-coming bluegrass artist Brayden Williamson is now being endorsed by Black Diamond Strings, currently manufactured by Santa Rosa, California-based string manufacturer Sfarzo Guitar Strings Company. 

Williamson, who was recently the subject of a Young Uns feature at Bluegrass Today, explains what happened … 

“Recently I was contacted by the Black Diamond String company’s owner Greg Sfarzo after him seeing a video performance of me singing Black Diamond Strings, written by Larry Cordle. 

He offered to send me a free set of their guitar strings to try with a follow up saying ‘If you enjoy the strings we can set you up as an endorsed artist!’ When I received the strings, I, of course, tried them out and was astounded with the sound and feel. I then contacted them back and they agreed to have them endorse me. I agreed to add their logo to my website. 

I am their youngest endorsed artist at age 17.”

This is the video that triggered the endorsement … 

Black Diamond Strings originated in New Brunswick, New Jersey, where the National Musical String Co., the first maker of harmonicas in America, became one of the world’s largest manufacturers of steel musical strings. 

From 1930 Black Diamond Strings were made in Chicago, where strings were made by the Super-Sensitive Musical String Co, before that company was bought and, in 1972, the business was moved to Sarasota, Florida. 

In 2001 the Black Diamond brand, which had changed hands and been neglected over the years, was bought and manufacture began in Sarasota. 

The now-disbanded Cherryholmes family bluegrass band and country music star Josh Turner are among the earlier musicians that have been endorsed by Black Diamond Strings. 

Black Diamond Strings was acquired by the Sfarzo Guitar Strings Company, which has over 35 years of string making experience, in 2018. 

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